Mould Assemble


Most of the toolmakers in china they will damage the precision of the parting line by hand, even they can use a precise machine before.Over-use of gas rotator and file will lose the precision of mould ,result in some components impossible to fit with the mould in further maintenance (below is core fit by hand, photo comes for other mold-maker.)

We won`t sacrifice the  interest of our customer only for a cost saving. we`re all the time to think about the tool would be a compatible maintenance easily We make all the parts in machinery.mismatch in fitting would be corrected only by CNC,EDM,grinding. We never use the gas rotator to fit the mould,it would be a fatal damage.File is also a tool limited in use, whetstone not for finishing in our factory.


Workshop layout ---We’re in a opening workshop ,everything is in eyes.