We can do some analysis in mouldflow at your part for further information before the tool start.


We`ll do some personal analysis before the project start from our real experience before,such as unreasonable undercut, deformation caused by disequilibrium part design or thermo-stress, gas trap, dimension distortion by fiberglass orientation, releasing trouble etc. 

Design start, we’ll combine your tooling stand with our knowledge into the tooling drawing.

Tooling start, material purchase would be focused on the quality certification. 

We`ll have a weekly progress report in form or in some photo. you`ll know how`s it going here for your project. 

Material will be ready before the moldtry , and a injection report will be submitted with the sample. 

After mold try we will submit the QC report to you, we’ll improve the the dimension if we have your Feedback. 

Then we`ll have a in-housing discussion for the points in the tooling duration. That would be a instruction for our further running improvement.