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More uniform heat distribution

DME mold parts manufacturer has introduced a new D-Max series single hot sprue bush , gate set in the nozzle body with a DME standard plug-in cast- heater , compared with the traditional square coil heaters, heat more evenly distributed in the NPE 2012 show will see the products on display .
Novel D-Max is particularly suitable for series production and small samples , the use of bushings in a standardized , so mold manufacturers use the same basic components can accurately simulate multiple nozzle system - it does not require special heater nozzle tip slightly , limit or needle.
Cast-in heater plug- molded products manufacturers can better control the heating of the nozzle body , thus shortening the wiring. And when the nozzle body for life than a square coil heater about 50% longer .
D-Max gate sets have two heating zones : in the nozzle body of the plug-in cast-in heater and nozzle head square coil heater. Square coil heater using a separate thermocouple , can provide accurate temperature readings, eliminating the need for soaking process normally required .
Users can be individually controlled heaters can also be used as a zone control both . As a result of the unique heating mechanism , so the gate sets for a variety of materials , including a variety of crystalline polymers. In the development phase of the sample , using the same nozzle installed in a multi- nozzle system is very important. D-Max copy of the same type of heater and the tip slightly , so the multi-nozzle system, the response is identical with the various components of a single nozzle system .
Compared with the cold runner , hot sprue bush has outstanding advantages. Since the set length of time , depending on the diameter of the gate , the gate may cause cold cycle time is very long. When using hot runner , immediately after the injection molding can open the mold , thereby significantly shortening the cycle time. Since there is no cold runner hot runner , generate less waste .
The new D-Max Series
More environmentally friendly water-based device
Conair company introduced a new TW-HT and TW-ALT series of new mold temperature control device. TW-HT apparatus using hot water temperature of the die was heated to 200 ℃. And heating oil - compared to the heat transfer medium , the water has a high specific heat capacity , better thermal conductivity, and thermal conductivity coefficient than doubled. Compared with oil, water safer and more environmentally friendly.
As TW-ALT models, mold temperature control means periodically alternately introduced into the hot water and cold water, and the mold temperature in the injection molding process prior to the injection molding machine cycle step , the top of the product before and after the lower mold temperature, cooling the molding . Temperature control means may provide a temperature up to 200 ℃ hot water, cooling water , or up to 15 ℃ . Or the critical temperature of the mold area can change the amplitude of alternating cycles 100 ℃ . In the injection molding process, this helps to shorten the cycle of temperature variation during the molding cycle time, improve product quality and surface quality , especially for the appearance of the product and the requirements of demanding optically transparent member .
Shini STM-MW mining magnetic pump less water leak
Shini Plastics Technologies Group has released a an oil- and water- type mold temperature : STM-F flow type oil -type mold temperature and STM-MW water type mold temperature .
STM-F flow type oil type mold temperature control machine in addition to suitable for mold heating and thermostatic occasions , but also for applications requiring high flow and greater cooling capacity of the occasion, such as extrusion, molding rubber tube . Mold temperature to die back to the oil through a heat exchanger to cool the indirect way , then by pumping pressurized heating tube heated to high temperatures to die to achieve through the heating and temperature requirements . With a new micro-controller to ensure stable temperature control and a wealth of extensions .
The mold temperature segmented using digital PID temperature control system , under any operating state can be maintained stable mold temperature , temperature control accuracy of ± 0.5 ℃, controller with 3.2 -inch LCD, intuitive display, simple operation, and offers the power of reverse alarm , pump overload alarm , over-temperature protection , low level and many other safety devices , when a failure occurs , such as automatically detect abnormal indicator shows there is an exception .
Due to the large flow rate pump , STM-F high stability, in addition to the mold for heating and temperature , but also particularly suitable for extrusion molding and so on, to achieve the maximum flow 490L / m, a maximum pressure of 3bar, using a plate for thermal cooling capacity of 40kW, the maximum temperature of the machine up to 200 ℃.
STM-MW is a water type mold temperature machine , named Incredibles this model to mold the way backwater direct cooling , and then pressurized by the pump through the heating tube heated at high temperature to mold to achieve the heating and temperature purposes. When the water pressure ≧ 4kgf/cm2, the machine can be heated to a maximum 140 ℃.
STM-MW instead of using a mechanical pump magnetic pump
In addition to the STM-F with the same power reverse alarm , pump overload alarm , over-temperature protection , low level and many other safety devices , STM-MW uses direct cooling , a cooling effect, automatic replenishment device directly , quickly down to set temperature.
The water type mold temperature machine uses magnetic pump instead of mechanical pumps, reducing the medium of water leaks. According to reports, a magnetic pump driven impeller rotating magnetic coupling pumps . Since the magnets can penetrate the air without contact layer or the magnetic power transmission conductors , and therefore by the shaft of the driving machine without piercing the housing , which eliminates the leak path from the root of the shaft seal , the pump to achieve a fully static seal. The new controller ensures stable temperature control and a wealth of extensions , a week timer switch function , LCD screen can be Chinese / English conversion, temperature units can also be ℉ / ℃ conversions.
Husky controller to 48 zones
Husky Injection Molding Systems 2-24 District has launched several years ago to control the company , the expanded Altanium Neo2 series temperature controllers now been extended to 48 zone control . The expanded Altanium Neo2 has the same user -friendly interface , advanced features and sophisticated design .
Fred Humbert Husky business unit controller , director of marketing , said : "After the increase in the number Altanium Neo2 -controlled areas for users to provide competitive prices with more functional device ." Husky has also expanded its production capacity in the world can manufacture Altanium Neo2, in addition to shorten the delivery time, the most important thing is to make the production Altanium Neo2 and Pronto hot runner system to match , thus providing the entire hot runner and controller products, complete system solutions worldwide.
The company also said , Altanium Neo2 for different regions, different sizes of the user to set a flexible solution , the following features: large color touch screen, intuitive operation , the temperature can be easily controlled , configured and monitored ; interior can be stored up to 24 sets of molds settings can support external memory via USB storage, faster and more accurately complete the starting job ; application "Adaptive reasoning Technology " (Active Reasoning Technology, ART) to automatically create user control algorithm , improve product quality for each zone and quality stability ; diagnostic procedures can identify mold problems , troubleshooting in the shortest possible time ; is a compact free-standing device can be easily moved from one machine to another machine .
Multi- temperature control system water flow regulation
gwk is cooling and temperature control equipment specialists from Germany , its multi- temperature control system water flow regulation integrat direct is a multi- segment mold temperature control equipment, modular design can meet the requirements of various multi-stage temperature control . integrat direct system has made in the practical application of the great success of the product through the injection mold water flow regulation, mold temperature control for each segment , achieved significant energy savings.
Fakuma exhibition in Germany last year , gwk company unveiled a set of threaded cap products mold system, not only the use of energy-saving type of waterway near the cavity design, but also to connect the 16 automatically adjusts the flow of integrated mold temperature control systems.
Such multi waterway mold temperature control equipment is modular in design to meet the segmented mold temperature control technology requirements , while at least three basic elements to inspect and control the thermostat . This device combines the advantages of traditional water discharge , pulsed and continuous cooling device temperature control equipment , but also eliminates the disadvantages of each of these devices . This device can easily be adjusted independently with up to 128 water for processing polyolefins and thermoplastic materials of the highest mold temperature 95 ℃ .
The base module using gwk equipment itd B, you can manually adjust the water flow required for each , with the traditional water discharge alike, but all waterways are equipped with flow meters, and in the central controller with digital display and graphics. If you use a standard module equipment itd R, you can set each waterway traffic , the device will automatically adjust the control valve through the waterway traffic in the adjustable limits on the central controller.
At the central color display screen controller , you can arrange the display of set and actual values ​​for each waterway flow or temperature , the data can also be input via the touch screen clearly . And can be invoked by the digital data input and graphics in two different ways. Process parameters can be different molds were stored in a central management system to invoke when replacing the mold production .
Before production begins checking various waterways will die in traffic checks. Through the device comes with a communication interface between the direct realization integrat equipment and injection molding machine control system and the central host uninterrupted communications.