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injection mould Injection Mold Design Based SINOVATION

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 The necessity of an injection mold design CAD ​​system applications

Competition in the 21st century world manufacturing becomes more intense, the design and manufacture of injection molding presents new challenges, the diversification of product demand , market transformation requires the rapid development of product and mold design and manufacturing technology quickly , the global economic crisis on the moment economic competition also proposed new requirements : as much as possible to reduce product costs, improve product quality, shorten product development cycles . Innovation , precision , high value-added products has become the development direction of the injection .
How to effectively deal with this global economic competition? Must seek efficient, reliable, agile, flexible plastic injection mold design and manufacture of products and systems, 3D CAD / CAM systems SINOVATION is in this environment came into being.
2 injection mold design
Injection mold plastic products need to shape , precision, process requirements, production quantities , and many other factors to determine , including the number of cavities and qualifying products , gating system , molded parts , cooling system, ejection system , exhaust system, most of the side pumping a few core institutions and other typical structure , and should maximize the use of standard mold .
The SINOVATION Mold Design Module truly full 3D injection mold design , to achieve the perfect interaction of two-dimensional sketches and three-dimensional design , but also to achieve the foundation on interactive parametric design flexibility and freedom of editing functions as well as realistic and intuitive of the display so that design engineers can use it freely express their design intent , truly you want it , let inspiration sway , reflecting the pleasant and technological advances in terms of integration .
3 Mold Layout - Design Conception
3.1 Introduction to Design Conception
Mold Layout - conceived design is one of the important functions of the professional module SINOVATION Injection Mold Design provides the .
MOLD idea designed to " light ", " handling ", " quality" , " effective application of proprietary technology ," this four concepts as the basis for constructing the function, so review the feasibility of possible mold design , mold approved plan to achieve a early proposed .
MOLD conceived design products according to the customer quickly and efficiently to make a mold of the overall structure and layout of the output of the product -related information . In this way, an internal review of the detailed design of the mold design provides a good platform , but also to provide customers with the entire mold design ideas and vice- design models quickly and MOLD conceived design also provides an efficient and easy to use design and design engineers review of the way .
3.2 Application design idea
Conceived design plays a pivotal role in the injection mold design, following an example to show conceived design , the perfect interpretation of three-dimensional and two-dimensional interactive , three-dimensional concept of design examples effect shown in Figure 1 .
Figure 1 conceived design renderings three examples
( 1 ) Product ranking , selection and review of mold forming machine of choice.
Selected according to the characteristics of the product a suitable mold , mold the product into the product in qualifying arrangement , need to be adjusted according to the size of the mold . Providing 2D display and operation type in the 3D mode , based on the product or can drag enter specific values ​​for the position adjustment of the product ( Figure 2, Figure 3 ) . You can also configure the review in 3D display mode, such as selecting molding machine .
( 2 ) to review the structural design of the core side pumping mechanism , oblique pins, etc. ( with a slider for example) .
According to the actual characteristics of the product , select the appropriate slider type, and then transferred to review the model to adjust the position of the actual size can be adjusted 2D sketch ( see Figure 5 , you can simply double-click the dimension edit ) , and then modified in 3D mode , idea - parts move the dialog box shown in Figure 6 , can be edited directly in the 3D mode to modify , move the slider and modify the effect shown in Figure 7 .
5 Die 2D sketch
Figure 6 Conception - Parts Mobile Dialog
( 3 ) Configuration mandrel, the cooling circuit of the review .
Specify the location of the jack configured in many forms: direct selection to place ( see Figure 8 ) . Select the point has been built through the grid lines to choose placement . Editing form ejector configuration location : Conception - Mobile ( see Figure 6 ) shown to operate, flexible interface and comprehensive features and ease of use ; direct drag ; modify the position coordinates of the configuration . By Conception - Edit to change the configured diameter ram .
Cooling circuit configuration of horizontal and vertical plumbing pipes in two forms. Figure 9 horizontal pipe specified location pipe ( also choose to have been built point ) based on grid lines selected point the way , quickly made ​​a separate one-time or loop cooling circuit . Vertical pipes made ​​of different ways according to the position of the reference choice and different, there are five basic forms ( see Figure 10 ) . Cooling circuit edit , move, delete the same convenient , you can achieve vertical and horizontal pipes linkage, either on a single pipe operation of the entire pipe loops can also be modified . Plumbing layout with automatic interference checking function at any time , while the interference pipe configuration in place to alert the designer to specify the color of the display ( see Figure 11 ) . Plunger , plumbing final renderings shown in Figure 12 .
Figure 10 vertical pipes five kinds of basic forms
Figure 11 automatic interference checking remind
Figure 12 ejector pipe final renderings
( 4 ) Replacement parts available at any time to facilitate more in-depth review .
With the initial design concept of product ( see Figure 13 ) , the designer of the finished product type ( see Figure 14 ) , the function may be replaced in part by the product SINOVATION fast typing easily replaced after the design concept of the model to facilitate synchronous injection mold design engineering application and promotion.
( 5) The concept of the generation of the drawing .
A key to start automatic generation model (see Figure 15 ) , side cross-sectional view of the need to express themselves in accordance with the intent for design engineers .
Figure 15 an expanded view of the model is automatically generated keys
( 6 ) Part login and editing.
Brings up the idea of ​​design in other parts Shihai : eg positioning ring , sprue bush , positioning block , opening and closing , etc.. SINOVATION provides intelligent custom parts registry and editing features , enabling design engineers and structural components as defined in the typical encountered in their work into the software, can be called directly after work , in favor of the accumulation of technological heritage and experience .
In summary, the idea designed to quickly and efficiently achieve the proposed figure dies early approval for an internal review and subsequent detailed design provides a good model . Design idea for improving the work efficiency, reduce design man-hours , reduce the mold delivery, reduce costs, improve product quality, has a significant effect , as companies respond quickly to stay ahead of the market and provides a strong , reliable, and efficient protection.