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Plastics mould teach you how to choose the die temperature

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 Temperature non- enclosed oil -type plastics mould temperature of up to 200 degrees. Taking into account some of the heat transfer medium pyrolysis reaction occurs at 200 ℃ . Therefore, the series of plastics mould temperature heat medium optional pyrolysis humidity than 200 ℃, in order to avoid decomposition of the pyrolysis reaction will lock attached to the carbon surface of the heat medium , thus reducing the thermal conductivity of the medium will ultimately die humidity can not be well controlled.

Based prone to pyrolysis oil at high temperatures , so the oil temperature higher than 200 ℃ security measures should be taken to avoid pyrolysis reactions need to check the flow rate of the heat transfer medium , if necessary , such as the flow rate is too low , the system should automatically shutdown function.
In addition , you should avoid oxidation problems heat medium . The oxidation reaction will increase the viscosity of the medium , the medium makes the thermal conductivity drop , will also affect the temperature control of the plastics mould . Therefore, when the oil must be poured into the tank slowly pour the oil and make medium temperature system at about 100 ℃.
Cooling mode , the second selection criteria
The selection of the machine , the need of cooling heat medium noticed the problem . Cooling divided into direct and indirect . Indirect cooling using cooling circuit and main circuit separately. This cooling method using heat transfer medium is generally oil type . Heat is absorbed by the cooling medium directly to the inner heat exchange medium valve. Indirect cooling system only used on oil type plastics mould temperature , due to the cooling capacity of the kind of cooling is not strong , we must ensure that the cooling water cleaning using this cooling, in order to avoid clogging impurities in the pipeline thereby affecting the performance of the machine's temperature .
Direct cooling system advantages:
Disadvantages indirect cooling method : the heat will dissipate in the heat exchanger . Therefore , when the actual temperature and the set value of the medium of a larger deviation , we directly use a larger cooling capacity cooling . When using direct cooling, cooling water directly into the loop , without the need for using a heat exchanger . Use of such cooling method can greatly improve the cooling capacity of the system , and thus can be quickly cooled heat transfer medium . You can use an electric solenoid control valve or periods in order to increase the control precision of the system. Direct cooling method on the premise that : a closed loop ; thermal media need to use clean water.
Single-loop , double loop , multi-loop control system, the third selection criteria
First, we must distinguish between what is a single-loop , double loop and multi-loop control system.
Compact single-loop control system structure, small size . According to its temperature range has a variety of series.
Double-loop control system using the occasion to plastics mould move, given the required template under different temperature conditions. According to the different temperature needs two templates to control the temperature and adjust the flow rate of the pump two loops . While the cooling water supply and power supply connected to the same host junction box , so reducing the overall size.
Multi-loop control system comprising a plurality of separate circuits , each circuit is used to control the plastics mould stage demands different temperatures. Therefore, the complex structure of the system for the control of complex products, technology products plastics mould ` special process can achieve perfect results.