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injection mould changan Automobile become legendary founder

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With these two cases , many people, including engineers , including the company's leadership and the department of Autodesk injection mouldflow have a new understanding , but also strengthened the confidence of the software , "says worship seems to not be overemphasized, " Wang admitted that " of course, in this process, Autodesk Autodesk injection mouldflow team for our support and training is also very important, and this is one we have been able to successfully use and master the software key factor . "

Product depth application efficiency greatly improved
After these two things , the approval of the leadership of the company naturally required to implement Autodesk injection mouldflow , but subsequently derived is this: all the problems leading to the executive team are resolved . But instead speed up the team 's engineers to use Autodesk injection mouldflow skilled and mastery .
Use Autodesk injection mouldflow brought a whole new experience , especially for helping job is to make this team is full of passion. According to Wang introduced , before the company introduced Autodesk injection mouldflow, they are responsible for the design of a vehicle , including automotive interior and exterior trim pieces of test equipment problems have more than three hundred , which does not include the inability to change the injection mould and the injection mould scrapped . But early on in the research and development of Autodesk injection mouldflow introduced a B301 models, the problem has been reduced to a hundred or so , and because of the loss caused by design changes also increased from a few million down to hundreds of thousands.
" On the one hand is a substantial reduction in the number of issues , on the other hand is a significant reduction in the cost of design changes , and shorten time to rectification of the original two points , the company uses Autodesk injection mouldflow benefits are visible, tangible of . " Wang said , not without excitement , " in the market for quality , efficiency and cost of today's increasingly competitive , it is not easy to be able to do three into account . "
After a period of exploration , and now the team has to use Autodesk injection mouldflow 's more skilled. According to Wang introduced a model project that they have all been recently implemented import Autodesk injection mouldflow, which will test equipment problems down to an incredible 16 ! Wang said, " and clients like to create a perfectly good car that we have been pursuing , and Autodesk injection mouldflow product development cycle to help us from the previous 40 weeks now down to less than 15 weeks ."
Clear goal : take a virtual road development
Practice is the best teacher , and again after a painful lesson and hands- on the basis of Changan Automobile Autodesk injection mouldflow team already able to skillfully use the software , the " flow analysis , cooling analysis , warpage and accuracy analysis have a high accuracy , improve product quality while greatly shorten the development cycle , " Wang once again stressed that" in 2010 we have been able to win the first Autodesk injection mouldflow Masters , a big factor but also due to the design of precision degree , of course, are borrowed Autodesk injection mouldflow 's own database . "
Even so , with Wang -based Autodesk injection mouldflow team did not stop to explore Autodesk injection mouldflow functionality and innovation . For example , Autodesk injection mouldflow analysis itself is not with the strength and stiffness analysis of products, but by learning to know , Autodesk injection mouldflow reserved interface for docking with third-party CAE analysis software to help other professional strength or stiffness analysis software, complete the function . " Changan Automobile is the first to use and understand interface technology company Autodesk injection mouldflow , " Yong Road Manager Autodesk Autodesk injection mouldflow China, sales manager praise , "though Changan Automobile contacting Autodesk injection mouldflow software, the hour is late , but they belong latecomer , now Changan Automobile for use and understand the software has reached a very high level , this way we are unimaginable . "
Now, Changan Automobile has made clear its way " virtual analysis , virtual development " is . On the one hand the virtual design verification technology into product modeling (VR), DMU and structural stiffness simulation aspects , on the other hand will validate virtual manufacturing simulation technology into the manufacturing process and assembly process simulation aspects . "Stand firm level, we have made it clear to establish a standardized , template , process-oriented virtual analysis system ; . Improve the analysis and comparison of the actual database and stabilize the input , output, improve the analysis accuracy ," Wang concluded , "From Team the construction , we must strengthen confidence in the virtual analysis techniques to mobilize teams of curiosity virtual technology to explore the heart and strive to achieve a solid foundation , combat first , in the final analysis for the user is presented with a good car is our satisfaction result of the efforts . "