Company Profile

     2006 Tecking started plastics tooling in ShaJing ShenZhen with Germany joint venture.
     2010 Tecking  have a cooperation with Thinkpower Product Center for customer product design,provide top
stream service from Product design to manufacture for customers.
     2012 Tecking Mold Factory recombinated ,is more focusing on high quality toolmaking with advanced Japanese
&Taiwan machines.We have around 80 skillful workers,and have capability of 30 sets mold output per month,the
maximum is 8 ton.
     2013  Injection factory established,services customers with plastics molding and assembly ,we have Japanese
NISSEI & Taiwan KM injection machines from 60 Ton to 268 Ton.We`re available for precise molding parts with
strict dimensions.
     TECKING is a high quality based factroy,located in Baoan District of Shenzhen China, close to the Shenzhen Airport and takes only two hours from factory to the HK Airport. We have absolute advantage of geographic location where it takes only half days for reaching both famous airports. 
     We have not only advanced mould-making equipments, but also have a team composed of experienced & professional staff who provide comprehensive technical support in manufacturing process as well as making in a cost effective way so as to achieve competitive price. By providing high satisfaction of after sales service and on-time delivery logistics services to our customers, these are all pillars of TECKING that we can have goodwill over other competitors and differentiate our products from the market. 
     Building precision plastic injection molds for our global customers is one of the TECKING `s core businesses. The ability of manufacturing mold at the highest international standard, strong engineering and design capability, fluent English communication skill, aggressive lead time, competitive pricing and business integrity contributes to be the success factors of TECKING Mould.